SM Supermalls (SM) operates over 50 malls in the Philippines, where it is the leading provider of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

The Challenge

SM needed to understand:

  1. How to maintain its strong position with families and the general public on social media;
  2. How to improve its engagement with millennials; and
  3. How to gain better loyalty from all of these segments.

To address these challenges, SM committed to listening more intently to digital conversations, and to using the best measurement to inform its content.

    The Solution

    Isentia devised a measurement ecosystem for SM that provided a reliable foundation for the SM team’s priorities, and insight into different audiences and segments for key internal stakeholders and business units at SM.

    The analysis was tailored to consider the amount of discussion, sentiment of posts, topics discussed, and engagement, using likes, shares and
    comments. It also grouped the demographics of those interacting with the brand online into Millennial, Family or General Public.

      The Result

      The Isentia analysis helped SM unpack that they needed to do three key things.

      1. Keep its messages simple to strengthen its following.

      For the millennial segment, in particular, SM was able to refocus its messages on what is distinct and ahead of the curve.

      2. Focus on the quality of its output, not quantity.

      SM established a new posting schedule to be responsive to its audiences’ recommendations. This has reinforced engagement and made SM’s social media management more efficient.

      3. Ask its audience to engage, by focusing on content that invited action.


      This project won an AMEC award in 2017 for the Best Measurement of a Consumer Campaign.