The challenge

R U OK? seeks to improve the support that personal networks can offer to individuals who may be at risk of suicide, with the aim of reducing suicide rates in Australia. To this end, it runs an annual R U OK? Day campaign, encouraging people to have meaningful conversations with and to support people struggling with life.

To measure its impact, R U OK? needed to understand the effectiveness of its ambassadors; the reach of, and community engagement with, its campaign; and quality of reporting about the campaign and suicide more generally.

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Our approach

We analysed media reporting on suicide-related issues in the months before and after the organisation’s annual R U OK? Day event for 2016, and identified common themes, trends and messages associated with the organisation and its events.

This analysis evaluated the impact of ambassadors and sponsors, demonstrating the campaign’s effectiveness in building awareness and support among those at risk.

Isentia also measured the quality and tone of reporting by evaluating whether coverage followed industry-recommended practice for reporting on suicide.

We integrated a number of different datasets to provide R U OK? with comprehensive insight into its campaign, as well as into how the topic of suicide is discussed in the media more broadly.


Isentia’s measurement of the effectiveness of R U OK’s strategy enabled the organisation to better allocate campaign resources in 2017, strategically craft content to increase target audience engagement, and demonstrate campaign impact to sponsorship partners.

Our analysis quantified the organisation’s success in reducing undesirable portrayals of suicide in the media and community engagement on social media, helping establish performance benchmarks for future campaigns.

Campaign effectiveness

1.4m Facebook interactions

13,562 Public social media posts

5,914 Media reports


This project won two AMEC awards in 2017:

Best Use of Measurement of a Not-for-Profit Campaign

Best Use of Integrated Communication Measurement

"R U OK?’s partnership with Isentia has greatly strengthened our ability to evaluate the reach and impact of our media footprint across traditional, digital and social channels. Qualitative monitoring has provided valuable insights to drive our content strategy and Isentia’s quantitative report provides us with an overview of where we need to try harder and a great reporting tool for our funding and strategic partners. The comprehensive analysis of R U OK?’s Facebook activity has really helped us think about how to provide meaningful content to better engage men, who currently account for less than 1 in 4 interactions.”

Client Testimony Brendan Maher, CEO, R U OK?