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Isentia.Mediaportal is an online platform that delivers news as it happens across ALL your relevant media, including broadcast, online and print, providing comprehensive analytics and reporting tools and connecting you with journalists and influencers. Social media monitoring completes your media picture, ensuring you don’t miss out on the fastest moving news source.

Continuously updated with a live feed, Mediaportal is the most powerful software service for communications professionals available.

Mediaportal also comes with by far the most comprehensive support in the industry, with a client service team dedicated to your account that knows your issues and lives and breathes your news.

Connect News and Analytics Social

Reach the media that matter with Connect

Mediaportal’s Connect module is a comprehensive media database and distribution service that ensures your messages get to the right media influencers.

CONSTANTLY UPDATED - Maintained by a dedicated team of researchers and industry connections

INTELLIGENT MEDIA LISTS – Comprehensive lists based on topic area, geography and media type plus customised suggestions

FLEXIBLE RELEASE DISTRIBUTION - Give your messages maximum impact by embedding videos and high resolution images with the release building wizard

INSTANT TRACKING – Immediately track all coverage related to your release

ONLINE NEWSROOM – A resource to create and host your releases providing an easy reference resource for journalists

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Track coverage and report seamlessly

Mediaportal’s News & Analytics module provides fast and flexible access to all your news and integrated analytics for powerful reporting.

FULLY CUSTOMISED BRIEFS - Relevant and comprehensive monitoring service based on your key issues and delivered in customised categories.

FLEXIBLE AND INTUITIVE - Delivery, viewing and reporting options, developed over 10 years of feedback from our clients.

FAST AND POWERFUL REPORTING - A wide range of chart templates covering media types, topics, location, outlet and byline, showing audience, volume and ASR data, and customisable report templates

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Ensure you get the full picture with social monitoring

Our Social module completes the media picture, ensuring you don’t miss out on the fastest moving news source.

VITAL COVERAGE - Social media monitoring gives you an accurate picture of your news coverage

COMPREHENSIVE - Millions of sources with a focus on local content with access to any or all of Social Networks, Blogs, Forums, Q&A sites, Images and Videos

RELEVANT AND RAPID - Filtered and customised to your exact needs and developing issues, with full support from your iSentia Account team.

INTEGRATED REPORTING - Integrated Analytics enable you to incorporate your social media coverage into your dashboard and custom stakeholder reports

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Want to know more?

This easy-to-use media intelligence platform can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, making it the ideal solution for any individual with a demanding schedule and flexible working environment.

Mediaportal has the potential to boost the effectiveness of any communications professional. If you're interested in learning how this enhanced media intelligence solution can help you and your business, take a look at our dedicated Mediaportal site or contact the isentia team today.


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