Measure, understand and report the effectiveness of your communications performance across online news, radio, television and press in real-time, from one integrated, online platform. Mediaportal - now with social media monitoring - makes media intelligence accessible to your organisation with just a few clicks.

Mediaportal is an integrated workspace that seamlessly delivers, organises and optimises media intelligence and communications workflow like never before. Access traditional and online journalists, social media influencers and bloggers that are constantly updated by our experienced team.

With enhanced media monitoring, analytics and press release distribution capabilities, Mediaportal keeps you at the heart of the media cycle.


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Connect with the region’s most detailed and up-to-date media database covering press, radio, tv, online and social media.

Target the right journalists and key media influencers for your news with Australia and New Zealand’s most powerful, accurate and in depth media contacts resource.

Send images and embed videos for greater impact. These dynamic, engaging and personalised media releases appear from your own email address.

Stay in control by flightchecking your releases with test emails and a handy cost estimator. Send releases immediately or set a time zone aware embargo.

Share news and extend your reach by posting information to Newsboost, our new media sharing site built for online and social distribution.


Stay ahead and stay informed with up-to-the-minute news, views and issues relevant to your organisation with Monitor.

Drag-and-drop to make the Monitor workspace your own. Scan all media coverage, or filter to highlight print, radio, television, or online coverage.

Type-ahead search makes it easier and faster to find the coverage you’re looking for.

Sort, group and drag-and drop everything into place. When you want to add particular items to your report, export them or add them to a personal folder, it’s just a matter of ticking boxes.

One click to create an executive summary.

Create shared coverage folders that allow other users to view online, receive email alerts or RSS feeds. The new activity panel lets you know when another user in your organisation places an order or adds a note to an article or clip.


Measure, understand and report on the effectiveness of your communications performance across all media and in real time, from one integrated platform.

The customisable dashboard provides fast and intuitive access to your business metrics, topics, competitors, industry segments, geographies, share of voice and more.

Building Analytics Charts is easy and can include any of these options:

  • Title
  • Automated or editable commentary
  • Data totals
  • Data tables
  • Monitoring coverage

Dive deeper into interesting or unusual media activity and drill down into individual chart or geographic segments, expand time periods for a closer inspection, or modify dimensions to perform slice-and-dice analysis by audience, volume or advertising space rates.

Turn any visualisation into a professional quality report instantly.

Built for today’s devices. Access valuable information from anywhere via your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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