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Staying on top of trends in the media's eye is a vital consideration for any communications professional. Whether you need to monitor your own corporation's influence or simply keep track of industry developments, having access to every relevant piece of information can often be the key to making the best next move for your business and career.

Solutions such as social media monitoring have become vitally important for businesses. Knowing when, where and how to integrate social can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your media releases.

While it can be challenging to keep track of all potential news stories and online distribution trends, there is a media intelligence solution that can help collate the necessary information onto one, easy-to-use platform. Mediaportal is an integrated workspace that seamlessly delivers, organises and optimises your media intelligence and communications workflow like never before.

With enhanced monitoring, analytics and distribution capabilities, Mediaportal keeps you at the heart of the media cycle. This optimised and integrated platform enables you to connect, monitor and distribute crucial messages across print, radio, TV, online and social media.


How does Mediaportal help you stay connected?


Spreading a message is all about connecting with the right people. For communications professionals, understanding your audience is key to delivering better results faster. Targeting the right journalists and key media influencers can ensure that your message is reaching the best audience and achieves the desired impact.

Mediaportal can give you access not just to a dynamic communications workspace, but also the powerful Connect Media Directory. This intuitive search narrows your focus by keywords, location, market sector and media type. 

Once you have connected with the right audience for your online distribution, Mediaportal enables you to release, monitor and analyse your messages. With social distributing, you can easily connect with the modern online audiences - ensuring your statements and releases have the best possible impact.

Mediaportal takes your message through an important media intelligence process, from audience identification to measuring effectiveness. The platform can also offer flightchecking and a handy cost estimator to ensure you stay in control.


The benefits of media monitoring through Mediaportal


Staying on top of news as it happens can make or break a day, a year or even a career. Fortunately, Mediaportal can provide a news and social media monitoring solution which delivers all relevant coverage onto one, easy-to-use platform.

Sort, group and monitor broadcasts and online distributions onto a system that offers enhance search, collation and collaboration abilities. With Mediaportal, you can breeze through the monitoring of news and social media - leaving you more time to build reports and analyse the data you collect.

Type-ahead search and drag-and-drop sorting makes your media coverage easy to sort, search and summarise. Additionally, you can create shared-coverage folders that can be made available to other online users - streamlining your client and investor collaboration.


Boost your analytics with Mediaportal


Mediaportal offers a rich, interactive and customisable Analytics Dashboard, which provides fast and intuitive access to media intelligence, metrics and more. Once you have harnessed the relevant information, the Mediaportal analytics solution can help you dive deeper - learning more about media activity and tends.

Create visually engaging and informative reports regarding your message effectiveness, news coverage and social media monitoring at a click of a button. The Building Analytics Charts can include:

  • Title
  • Automated or tailored commentary
  • Data tables and totals
  • News, online and social media monitoring coverage

Often, media analytics are important not just for your own business, but for stakeholders, clients and collaborators. Export professional-quality reports to any of these channels through Mediaportal's tailored and individual charts, analysis solutions and fully-customisable reports.


Want to know more?


This easy-to-use media intelligence platform can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, making it the ideal solution for any individual with a demanding schedule and flexible working environment.

Mediaportal has the potential to boost the effectiveness of any communications professional. If you're interested in learning how this enhanced media intelligence solution can help you and your business, take a look at our dedicated Mediaportal site or contact the iSentia team today.


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