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Top Buzz Singapore 7 – 13 Apr 2014

Apart from the football discussion, local issues also dominated the online communities in Singapore last week. News article about the interview of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on forming a coalition government for Singapore was circulated. Some were questioning the accuracy of the report. Also, his statement about the low press freedom ranking of Singapore aroused interest of many.  Another issue that caught the interest of Singaporeans was related to private sectors’ salaries. Some compared their earnings to other countries. Comments that most of them need an increase due to high cost of... continue reading

Social Media Snapshot: April 2014

This month's Social Media Snapshot measures the growing adoption of social media marketing amongst B2B companies as they seek to effectively target their key audiences and create new business opportunities. See the infographic continue reading

The small business guide to building a following on social media

So, you’re a small business and you’ve decided to take the plunge and enter brave new the world of social media. Only problem.. you’re shouting out a lot, but no one is listening. You need to build a following. But how? It’s not a quick process but do it properly and you will have yourself an attentive new community of people to market to and become “followers “and “likers” of your businesses success.   Choose the right network – I.E. Don’t Be A Jack-Of-All-Trades And Master Of None. Choose the best network to suit your business and your audience – TIP It... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore 9 – 15 March 2014

Singaporeans closely followed international news last week. People were sharing updates and news about the ongoing search and rescue of the missing Malaysian airlines Boeing 777. Some discussed the different theories about what may have happened, while others expressed frustration at the Malaysian authorities’ actions. There were also rumours and allegations circulating in social media, with the increasing likelihood of a hijacking shocking many. Singaporeans were also still following the news about the Ukraine crisis with mostly retweets. Sharing of news regarding the Crimea resolution,... continue reading

Are International Marketers Missing Chinese New Year Opportunities?

Gone are the days when the Lunar New Year is only an event in China and Vietnam. Looking at this year’s CNY online buzz showed the internationalisation of Chinese New Year. While in China there are hundreds of millions of travelers taking billions of footsteps to get to their hometowns and reunite with loved ones, millions of conversations are also happening online in multiple languages in multiple countries. In the top four social media channels outside China  we found more than 2 million conversations for the month of January. The trending conversation topics during Chinese New Year... continue reading

Top Buzz Singapore: 9 – 15 February 2014

Since it is the season of love, lots of netizens talked about dates, chocolates, flowers, concerts and dinner. Likewise, tips on dating, how to spend Valentine’s Day and expenditure tips were also recorded. Twitter was dominated by Valentine greetings, while others shared updates on how their special day turned out. Some also expressed sadness about having no date, while others found comfort hanging out with their friends. The Bio-essence “Love is in the air giveaway contest” was also shared by netizens as the brand provided gifts for 3 lucky fans. Aside from Valentine-related posts, many... continue reading

Countries with the most amount of buzz during SEA Games 2013

The 27th Southeast Asian Games, held in Myanmar in December 2013, gained a lot of buzz from people across Asia and the Pacific. Participating nations were Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam. Thailand obtained the highest gold medals, followed by Myanmar and Vietnam, but in terms of amount of online buzz, Thailand was nowhere near the lead. Here is a wrap of what people were talking about online during the 27th SEA Games. Indonesia Indonesians mostly talked about the achievements of their athletes during the SEA Games... continue reading

Journalist 2014: Investigator or Curator?

While there is no doubt that journalists are under more intense time and space pressures than ever, with very few still having the luxury to cogitate at length over their daily column or take weeks between publishing in-depth pieces, it’s also true that they have access to more primary sources than ever, and that many research projects that might have taken weeks 20 years ago now take minutes. Neither do these time pressures necessarily mean that journalists are just content takers now, and that any PR or marketing bod can get a free run with their corporate advertorial just because the journo... continue reading

Social Media Snapshot: December 2013

This month's Social Media Snapshot checks on how many people are using the leading social networking sites at the moment, and focuses on the booming use of images on social media sites as upload speeds get faster. See the infographic continue reading

The power of social selling in a B2B sales environment

The way we connect with people has changed, not only in our every day lives but in our professional lives as well. The way we research our upcoming holiday with friends via Facebook or read reviews on the new restaurant in town has become common daily practice. Every marketer knows that word of mouth is an incredibly powerful selling tool for any product. Buyers are now socially empowered consumers. When it comes to purchasing a product or service we are now presented with more options and more peer information than ever before, with the traditional sales approach of phone calls and email... continue reading