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Crikey Political Index 10 - 16 April 2014: ICAC coverage steals momentum from PM’s trade deals.

There seems to be a potential disconnect between the political media and the punters brewing if the last couple of weeks are anything to go by. While PM Tony Abbott was being applauded widely as having had the best period of his prime ministership so far following the North Asia visit and trade deals, the punters were giving the Government a big slap in the latest polling, despite a pretty awful couple of weeks for Labor. Are we actually paying close attention and not too thrilled about the very partial nature of the trade wins in Japan? Or are people so disengaged from politics that there... continue reading

Australia: most mentioned issues in the media: 5-11 April 2014

Australian rice growers weren’t happy but beef producers had more to smile about when Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced during the first leg of his North Asian trip that he and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe had finalised an Australia-Japan free trade agreement. The agreement still left many Japanese agricultural tariffs in place, including on rice and sugar. However business figures hailed the agreement and called for more such arrangements, Tony Abbott following up with a South Korean deal and holding talks with China. It seemed this week that the search for Flight MH370 might finally be... continue reading

Social Media Snapshot: April 2014

This month's Social Media Snapshot measures the growing adoption of social media marketing amongst B2B companies as they seek to effectively target their key audiences and create new business opportunities. See the infographic continue reading

The small business guide to building a following on social media

So, you’re a small business and you’ve decided to take the plunge and enter brave new the world of social media. Only problem.. you’re shouting out a lot, but no one is listening. You need to build a following. But how? It’s not a quick process but do it properly and you will have yourself an attentive new community of people to market to and become “followers “and “likers” of your businesses success.   Choose the right network – I.E. Don’t Be A Jack-Of-All-Trades And Master Of None. Choose the best network to suit your business and your audience – TIP It... continue reading

Journalist 2014: Investigator or Curator?

While there is no doubt that journalists are under more intense time and space pressures than ever, with very few still having the luxury to cogitate at length over their daily column or take weeks between publishing in-depth pieces, it’s also true that they have access to more primary sources than ever, and that many research projects that might have taken weeks 20 years ago now take minutes. Neither do these time pressures necessarily mean that journalists are just content takers now, and that any PR or marketing bod can get a free run with their corporate advertorial just because the journo... continue reading

Social Media Snapshot: December 2013

This month's Social Media Snapshot checks on how many people are using the leading social networking sites at the moment, and focuses on the booming use of images on social media sites as upload speeds get faster. See the infographic continue reading

The power of social selling in a B2B sales environment

The way we connect with people has changed, not only in our every day lives but in our professional lives as well. The way we research our upcoming holiday with friends via Facebook or read reviews on the new restaurant in town has become common daily practice. Every marketer knows that word of mouth is an incredibly powerful selling tool for any product. Buyers are now socially empowered consumers. When it comes to purchasing a product or service we are now presented with more options and more peer information than ever before, with the traditional sales approach of phone calls and email... continue reading

Using Social Media for Market Research

Every minute of every day there are conversations happening about your brand your competitors and your industry. Within these conversations may be valuable ideas, the next product development that can give you a competitive advantage or a simple service improvement that saves you thousands.  They aren’t happening behind closed doors, or in stuffy focus groups, in fact they are very public and visible, located online in the world of social media. So how do you best go about harnessing these valuable insights and conversations? Read on for the BuzzNumbers guide for using social media for market... continue reading

Alvin Chan, CTO of iSentia Brandtology, speaks at 20th National Public Relations Congress in Philippines

To mark the 20th year of the National Public Relations Congress, the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) brought this year’s conference out of the metro and into the sparkling shores of world-famous Boracay Island. “From Ripples to Waves:  PR as agent of sustainable change” aimed to inspire communicators to influence social change by going beyond image management and into longer-term relationship building thru the practice of value-based, public-focused communications. Close to 250 PR practitioners flew to Boracay from various parts of the country to attend the two-day Congress... continue reading

The changing dynamic between PR and journalism

What does the future hold for the communications industry when the ratio of PR practitioners to journalists are estimated at being 4-to-1? New York Times investigative reporter David Barstow has been quoted as saying ‘the muscles of journalism are weakening and the muscles of public relations are bulking up - as if they were on steroids’. The power struggle between these sometime allies, sometime foes continues. The debate on this topic was sparked by an article which appeared on the industry website Mumbrella last year. Mango PR head of publicity Tina Alldis penned an article for the site... continue reading