Whitehaven Coal - monitoring social to manage conversations


Whitehaven Coal is the emerging force in the Australian coal mining industry. They subscribed to the BuzzNumbers social media alerts platform to assist monitor and manage online conversation about the company. This ‘real time’ monitoring – particularly ‘out of hours’ - has allowed the company to ensure operations continue in a timely and efficient manner.


The challenge

As an ASX listed company and a leading coal producer in NSW, Whitehaven Coal is committed to the safety and wellbeing of employees as well as working constructively with local communities.

The challenge for any company such as Whitehaven Coal is to ensure that they keep on top of issues across all media as they break.  It is particularly important in social media, so that the issues can be addressed immediately in order to minimise negative sentiment as well further reporting in traditional media.  

The solution

BuzzNumbers, Isentia’s social media monitoring and analysis platform, provides an up to the minute alert system for the Whitehaven Coal communications team.

Actionable insight

The BuzzNumbers “Peak Alerts” system allowed the Whitehaven Coal team to be alerted to a spike in the amount of conversation being held on social media over a weekend. This made it possible for the team to prepare and release a proactive media statement, shaping coverage rather than reacting late to events after they had happened.

The verdict

As a growing business, our requirements at Whitehaven Coal from a social media monitoring perspective have expanded in a number of ways. We need a robust and focussed service which keeps track of industry developments, events in the region we operate and the perception of our business within the communities in which we operate and also the investment community. BuzzNumbers has helped us fulfil our requirements in a very specific and targeted way, ensuring all parts of our business are receiving relevant and timely information about online and social media sentiment.” Matt Pitman, Whitehaven Coal Communications Officer