Important social insights for the entertainment industry

There’s no business like show business. With its wide and active fan base, and diverse opinions, entertainment companies have the ability to rack up thousands or even millions of social media engagements, turning them into actionable insights and linking to revenue.

But how can they do it?

Social insights play an important role to most businesses today, but more significantly to the fast-growing and constant-changing entertainment industry.

Understanding their target audience, keeping an eye on their competitors and tracking the success of a campaign are just some of the things social insights can do. Here’s a deeper look into just how significant social insights are to the entertainment business today.


‘Network wars’ have always been common in the entertainment industry with so many promising shows, but social media has made such rivalries far more public and dynamic. Now, entertainment brands have social media users and favourability to take into account, which are vital for benchmarking and increasing healthy competition between shows.

Pleasing the audience

By listening to your audience through social insights, you can easily determine what they would like to see, how they want it to be implemented, who are the actors and actresses they want to be seen together, what kind of music they want to hear, what dance songs made a hit, and so on. The customer is always right – and if you give them what they want, they’ll come back for more.  

Protecting your assets

Since show business is a very colourful industry, your ‘talent’ and other team members may be featured in a viral post online, which can be in your favour or otherwise. Trolls and detractors may find ways to humiliate or spread fake news online, intriguing people, which could damage the reputation of not just the talent involved, but also the program, advertisements, and network. An online reputation management team must be equipped with the latest tools in tracking issues pertaining to their assets.

Spotting potentials and opportunities

With so many opinions online, businesses engaged with the industry can spot opportunities from comments and discussions online. The best example of this are the ‘love teams’ - who they want to see together on-screen, concert or movie. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

A tool for improvement

Celebrities are brands; they have reputations to uphold. Management can help improve their look, groom their talents and change their perceived attitude from social insights.

Whatever business goal you have in mind, listening to your target audience is essential, and it is now simple and easy with so many social media insights tools.

by Shiena Combalicer, Digital Marketing Advisor, Isentia
In Insights.

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