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3 social media marketing blunders you can't afford to make

From modest startups to multinational conglomerates, social media continues to be an essential part of the business landscape, regardless of location. The numbers are staggering. Facebook ultimately reigns supreme, boasting around 1.44 billion active users as of March 31, 2015, according to its first quarter report. Qzone, a Chinese social network follows some distance behind, with Twitter claiming the bronze medal in third position.   In today's connected world, the importance of social media is becoming increasingly apparent. However, it's not enough to merely be present on these platforms... continue reading

Australian Federal Issues Report, 27 June - 3 July

The latest Weekly Political Report is now available to download. If you are interested in commissioning any media analysis work, or would like to know more about our analysis products, please contact us. continue reading

What's the Australian public's perception of social media monitoring?

Social media has become a powerful ally to brands looking to better connect and build relationships with consumers. However, there is a balance between the needs of any campaign to successfully have enough reach, while not being too intrusive. The average consumer is quickly put off by blatant, targeted advertising, so a delicate approach will typically be the best one. Of course, better understanding that line and meeting the needs of any target audience requires an in-depth comprehension of their opinions - that's exactly where social media monitoring can help. Sixty per cent of Australians explained they... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 25June - 1 July, 2015:Q&A talk still lingers as new citizenship and asylum seeker laws are passed

The top five this week remain largely unchanged as the US legalised same-sex marriage and the PM trumpeted a stronger relationship with Singapore after his visit, as criticism towards the ABC’s Q&A still lingers in conversations and continues to keep Parliamentary Secretary Steven Ciobo and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull high on the ladder. Peter Dutton and Julie Bishop took a bow and switched places as the Immigration Department and Customs service today launch their joint agency and terrorism attacks overseas fuel calls to prevent the radicalisation of young Australians, which saw... continue reading

Same-sex marriage in Australia: talkback radio vs social media sentiment

June has been a momentus month for same-sex marriage across the globe, from the Irish referendum to the US Supreme Court decision. We’ve tracked views on Australian talkback radio and social media and ranked the favourability of each call and post on a scale of 100.  RADIO With an average favourability of 49 out of 100 overall, talkback sentiment on same-sex marriage across Australia was slightly neutral. New South Wales and Victoria are more in favour of same-sex marriage than other states in the country, with an average rating of nearly 52 versus 36. Other states were much less favourable with... continue reading

Are apps now more important than mobile browsers?

Today, mobile is a critical touchpoint for nearly every media consumer. Neilsen found that smartphone penetration is reaching unprecedented levels across Asia Pacific. In Hong Kong and Singapore in particular, nearly nine out of every 10 citizens own a smartphone. Apps versus mobile web Mobile media consumers are typically split into two categories: browsing content on mobile web or engaging with apps. While the latter have grown to prominence massively over the last few years, the mobile optimised web should not be ignored. In Hong Kong and Singapore, nearly nine out of every 10 citizens... continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 20-26 June, 2015

The Government’s proposed changes automatically removing citizenship from dual citizens believed to have engaged in terrorist activity was introduced into parliament this week, a change from the original plan to give the Immigration Minister the power to remove citizenship. The government has also mooted making the changes retrospective, while the Opposition has said it needs more time to properly analyse the changes, and it is expected, if passed the changes would be tested in court if and when they are applied. Legislation to cut the renewable energy target passed Federal Parliament on... continue reading

Five key questions to ask your media monitoring provider

There have always been plenty of options out there for people wanting to track their company’s media coverage and issues of interest, from attempting to watch and read everything yourself to simple search engine results to services that only focus on one medium to full service monitoring that covers all media types and provides personalised client service. Here’s a quick summary of the questions you should be asking to make sure that any monitoring service will really meet your needs. What types of media do you cover, and to what extent? This is the most critical question of all. First you need to... continue reading

How is the rise of 'churnalism' affecting PR?

The modern media landscape is instantaneous by nature. In the past, stories may have taken days, if not weeks, to spread. Now, thanks to the power of social media in particular, media consumers want access to more content, more of the time. When it comes to communications professonials, developing relevant literature and having a thorough press release distribution network in place is, of course, crucial. However, is the time-limited nature of current media being handled appropriately? There are now more PR professionals than journalists in the majority of developed countries. The rise of... continue reading

Unlimited virality: Why awareness is key to brand building on social media

Businesses that have a level of self-awareness will typically resonate with their customers, and the wider public for that matter, in a relatively broad way. After all, it's fine to hide behind a corporate image at times, but it's the human element that really draws people in. Of course, this is far more noticeable on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et al have levelled the playing field and broken down barriers between brands and consumers like never before.       Image credit: The importance of social media cannot be underestimated. Research collated by the... continue reading