Top five issues in the Australian media: 21-27 May, 2016

With 10,775 mentions across press, broadcast, and online, the AFP raids on Melbourne Labor offices last week has topped this week’s federal issues in media. NBN Co has stood down two of its employees over alleged involvement in the leaking of documents, which the AFP is investigating after the leaks reportedly revealed the NBN was behind schedule and over budget. A claim of parliamentary privilege has seen the documents sealed until Parliament... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 19 - 25 May 2016: Turnbull and Shorten bat on, despite the lack of a crowd.

News and Fairfax websites have all but given up on election coverage, burying it somewhere between the GoT spoiler and the latest car review down at the bottom of the home page, but the leaders and parts of the media are batting on manfully, as the campaign comes more and more to resemble your average One Day International cricket match, a bit of interest at the start, followed by a long stretch of boring overs in the middle that no-one will... continue reading

What’s Broadcast Monitoring? Our Melbourne Broadcast Manager Nick Bone shares his insights…

Have you ever had that peculiar feeling that somewhere, someone is talking about you? That ear- burning sensation?  It’s rare, following these moments, to actually find out what happened  - who said what to whom?  What if there was a way to know, to hear what was said and who said it? Welcome to the world of broadcast monitoring. The broadcast monitoring service at Isentia is responsible for summarising key information broadcast on television and... continue reading

Australian Federal Issues Report: 14 - 20 May 2016

The latest Weekly Political Report is now available to download. If you are interested in commissioning any media analysis work, or would like to know more about our analysis products, please contact us. continue reading

Why negative headlines make us click

When you’re promoting your product or service, you want it to sound like the best option available. Naturally, the first thing you do is whip out your thesaurus and look up all the synonyms for “amazeballs”. And right there you just cost yourself almost a third of your traffic. According to a study by Outbrain, which analysed around 65,000 headlines, those with positive superlatives performed 29 per cent worse, while negative superlatives... continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 14-20 May, 2016

Jarryd Hayne announced on Monday morning that he was retiring from the NFL to compete with the Fiji sevens team in the  upcoming Rio Olympics, however on Wednesday he was left out of the Fiji squad for this weekend’s London Sevens event, the last world series tournament before the games in August. The NRL Roosters have reportedly withdrawn from the race to recruit Hayne for the 2017 season. On Tuesday, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton criticised... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 12 - 18 May 2016: The phoney war continues

The media so far are doing a pretty good job of giving the major party leaders even time, with P.M. Malcolm Turnbull only about 15% in front of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten in volume of coverage. Print and broadcast are keeping politics pretty high on the page and in the bulletin, but most online news outlets have quickly relegated the election to a long way down the home page, as the broader lack of interest in the campaign keeps them focused... continue reading

With digital ad spend set to outstrip TV, is your ad budget working hard enough?

According to a recent report from eMarketer, 2017 will be the year that sees the digital ad spend surpass TV ad spend for the first time ever. The report predicts that TV ad spend will hit $72.01 billion, while digital ad spend will be $77.37 billion, and it’s a shift that has also been forecast by both Magna Global and ZenithOptimedia. An initial reaction to that is -­‐ ‘ad buyers and planners, why on earth did it take so... continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 7-13 May, 2016

With the Federal Budget released last week and PM Malcolm Turnbull heading to the Governor-General to call a July 2 election last weekend, it is the government’s proposed changes to superannuation that has topped our ranking of syndicated media mentions across press, broadcast, and online, with 17,132 over the past week.  The Institute of Public Affairs has claimed parts of the package are unfair, calling for the government to admit the... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 5 - 11 May 2016: Who won the first week? Was it Masterchef or the Voice?

Despite the official election campaign finally being underway, and media coverage increasing, particularly for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, there hasn’t been much discernible increase of comment out there across our wide brown land. With two moderately boring, centrist party leaders who seem to mainly bring out feelings of mild disappointment in the average voter, if they think about them at all, this certainly ain’t an Abbott v Gillard... continue reading