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Out of house? Why Asia Pacific's enterprises need to take a broad view of media monitoring

Any company interested in setting up a thorough and effective media monitoring strategy will look within themselves at first. Whether it's in a belief that keeping things in-house will be more cost effective, or just due to the fact that company practices in the past have been insular, looking outwardly may be met with some trepidation. However, PR Newswire suggested that keeping all media monitoring efforts in-house is not only time consuming, but can also prove to be expensive, too. The following is of course dependent on the size of the company and some specific needs, but it could take as much as: Two hours every morning online... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 14 - 20 May, 2015: Momentum shift gathers pace as Budget handouts bring voters back to the Government.

A clear sign of how well this year’s budget has gone for the Government compared to last year’s is the amount of coverage Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has received over the ‘war on terriers’ incident after film star Johnny Depp brought his two dogs into the country illegally. It might have barely got a mention at this time last year. The tax cut and $20,000 instant write-down for small businesses seems to have really captured both media and punters’ attention, with reports that up to one in five voters will use the write-down, and the Government bouncing back immediately to 50-50 in the... continue reading

Using media monitoring to boost your brand in the moment

One of the best things about effective media monitoring is the delivering of real-time insights into your industry. By gaining this knowledge, savvy PR professionals and marketing groups can create targeted campaigns that cash in on current trends and deliver positive results. Beyond planning a seasonal ad campaign, posting content relevant to current events can help attract consumers to your brand by ensuring your brand is involved with the topics everyone is talking about. Real time marketing can have a huge benefit for your business, as audiences already searching for information or insights... continue reading

Just a number? Age and media consumption habits

Technology has changed the media consumption habits of many. Whether it's via laptop, smartphone or tablet, the person in the street has an array of options to choose from. The type of device used will often vary by demographic, with age in particular a yardstick to be assessed as part of the most effective media intelligence strategies.  Media consumption by age In a survey published by Nielsen, it would appear that the younger generations - predominantly millennials - engage with content on mobile above every other platform. Furthermore, this trend is apparent the world over. Away from... continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 9-15 May, 2015

“Dull and boring” federal budget tops media coverage for the week The Federal Government’s budget was released on Tuesday night, with Treasurer Joe Hockey telling Australians to “have a go” and spend more amid low interest rates. Tax reform for small businesses was a big ticket item, now able to write off up to $20,000 and not pay fringe benefits tax on a range of electronics. After abandoning his “signature” paid parental leave policy, Prime Minister Tony Abbott drew criticism as he labelled some parents “double-dippers” for accessing both the 18 weeks at... continue reading

Social media snapshot, May 2015: When to step into the social spotlight

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Has the press release evolved in the digital age?

The humble press release was once the primary way for companies to spread the word about new products, offerings, campaigns or branding changes. While they are still incredibly important and cut out much of the fluff that a less formal news article may include, are they being changed by the digital age? The changing face of the press release Well, in short, the answer is yes. However, there are a number reasons why press releases have transformed over time.  Firstly, there's the advent of the 'news now' mentality of the modern media consumer. Whether it's via social media or 24-hour rolling news... continue reading

Does affluence affect media consumption in the Asia-Pacific?

High-powered, corporate individuals will often be under the strictest time pressures. Consequently, the trends of how they consume media can present unique insights. While keeping track of the wealthy may seem relatively fruitless in comparison with the mass market, their status is likely to make them bigger influencers, in part due to the fact that they have more disposable income. Influence and prosperity In the Asia-Pacific, the business centres of Hong Kong and Singapore have risen up to become two of the most influential and prosperous cities anywhere across the globe. In fact, the former has the eighth highest... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 30 Apr - 6 May, 2015: Working families are back in vogue with childcare the main pre-Budget focus

The resignation of Greens Leader Christine Milne obviously didn’t affect this week’s numbers, but they undoubtedly will next week. Still no real rise in coverage for the Treasurer, Joe Hockey, only a week out from his second Budget, but plenty of coverage for the Social Services Minister Scott Morrison as he announced around $250m for nannies to help shift workers, people in remote areas and others who can’t access mainstream child care services, the first salvo in the working family friendly budget to come. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was also significantly higher as he weighed in on the back... continue reading

Pacquiao vs Mayweather Fight Captivates the World

The much-awaited ‘Fight of the Century’ between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. finally happened on May 2, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It captured the interest of people not just in the Philippines, but across the globe, with celebrities and the 9-5 alike taking to social media in the lead up and following the event. (c) A couple of days before the boxing match, social media channels in the Philippines were already flooded with messages of good luck for Pacquiao. Neither of the two boxers were knocked out by the last... continue reading