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Crikey Political Index 26 February - 4 March, 2015: The phoney war inside the Government confuses everyone, while Mike Baird holds his breath.

Unsurprisingly all the focus remains on the three that are deemed to be the key players in the Federal Liberal leadership saga, with the Prime Minister well over 50,000 items, main undeclared challenger Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull over 20,000 and the now reportedly certain third candidate, if push comes to shove, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, not far behind. The recent strong polling rebound for the Government has much of the commentariat bemused, as most had been counting the minutes, let alone days, until the next open challenge on Tony Abbott’s leadership. Some even... continue reading

Fact checking and the new media landscape

With the growing popularity of social media, even journalists are turning to platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to gather information about breaking news stories. However, could this reliance on user-generated content be causing a fall in reliable journalism? According to a recent report from the ING Group, one-third of journalists believe social media cannot be considered a reliable source of information, yet one-half claim these platforms are their primary resource. In fact, 78 per cent of journalists use social media every day and 68 per cent believe their industry would no longer be sustainable without social media. Of those... continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 21-27 February, 2015

Sport, drugs and terrorism prevention the key themes of Australian coverage this week The West Indies were the big improvers in the Cricket World Cup this week after their shocking first up loss to Ireland, with a 150-run win against Pakistan on Saturday followed by a 2-372 win over Zimbabwe. 35 year old Chris Gayle answered the critics who had been calling for his retirement by blasting 215 off 147 balls, the highest score ever at a cricket World Cup. India continued their strong form with a big win over South Africa, while New Zealand will play Australia this Saturday in Auckland after... continue reading

Same story, different voice: How news can differ online and offline

Just as the story you tell your colleague by the water cooler may differ from what you share on Facebook later that night, the various forms of digital and traditional media often publish different versions of the same news stories. Due to the varied nature of each type of media, the opinions, formality and style of content can change dramatically between publications. For instance, social media posts can be easily read and consumed in a fleeting moment, radio broadcasts are limited to voice but enable more personal discussions and newspapers can publish in-depth analysis on past events... continue reading

The right radio environment to engage with consumers

Australian consumers are more likely to be influenced by ads on a radio station that promotes relaxation, according to a large radio neuroscience study conducted by Nova Entertainment. Released on February 4, the study found that consumers listening to a relaxing radio station will be on average 23 per cent more engaged with the content than on a rival station. This is significant because it demonstrates how certain listeners can be influenced over various radio channels. "Contrary to your instincts that the relaxed listener is chilled out and therefore zoned out, the opposite applies," Nova Chief Executive Cathy O'Connor told... continue reading

Millennial myths: Are millennials willing to pay for media?

When determining which types of media your brand needs to be aware of, your first step should be deciding which platforms are more likely to attract your particular audience. But are your misconceptions about generations getting in the way of effective media monitoring? If generational growth is anything to go buy, millennials are likely to become a significant portion of any company's target audience. In fact, the Harvard Business Review predicts that the generation born between 1977 and 1997 will represent the majority of the global workforce by the end of this year.  As the majority share of the workforce, millennials are also... continue reading

Social Media Snapshot: February 2015

Did you know 96% of Indonesia’s online population uses Facebook? See more in our February social media snapshot continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 7-13 February, 2015

PM Tony Abbott survives spill as ‘good government starts today’ After bringing forward the vote to Monday morning, Tony Abbott retained leadership of the Liberal Party and the Federal Government after 61-39 colleagues voted against a leadership spill. As speculation about potential challengers – from traditional and social media - died down, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop  called for Abbott to address concerns about Chief of Staff Peta Credlin. Abbott promised that ‘good government starts today’ during Parliament’s sitting on Tuesday. Speaking of leadership woes, Ricky Ponting has joined... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 05 - 11 February, 2015: PM survives spill while polls continue to dive

Tony Abbott this week became the third Prime Minister in a row unable to make it through a first full term without a party room vote being called on their leadership. The public response appeared to be a mixture of joy from those who never liked the PM, to bemusement from much of the disconnected mainstream, to constant speculation from the media, who grabbed any tiny utterance they could over the weekend, with the only potential challenger giving them very little to work with.Luke Simpkins and Don Randall enter our index at fifth and ninth respectively, after the two MPs proposed and seconded... continue reading

Just who do they trust: Where your brand needs to lay its alliances

With so many media platforms available to consumers, the amount of information being shared on and offline is ever-increasing. For this reason, it is becoming even more important for consumers to make choices between different media options when hunting for information on businesses. One of the more influential deciding factors is which platform can be trusted. While in the past traditional publications, like authoritative newspapers and television broadcasters, were once considered the top dogs in this respect, a rising star in corporate data sharing has now stolen the spotlight.This is according to the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer,... continue reading