Crikey Political Index 19-25 November 2015: It’s “not a time for gestures or machismo”… or cake with Tony?

PM Malcolm Turnbull’s five-nation tour is on a brief hiatus, after introducing himself to at least 20 leaders, and will finish at the CHOGM summit in Malta next week after stopping by Parliament’s final fortnight of sitting. His national security speech yesterday outlined the reasons for not stepping up Australia’s military response against ISIS, and pointed to an overhaul of our terror alert system that will commence this week. Former PM Tony... continue reading

Isentia Brandtology wins Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research award.

Isentia, the most awarded media intelligence company in the world this decade, snatched up another trophy at this year’s Marketing Excellence Awards which recognise the best across Singapore’s marketing communications services industry. On Wednesday, 18 November at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Isentia received the Bronze award for Excellence in Consumer Insights/Market Research during an awards ceremony and gala dinner hosted by... continue reading

Eight ways you can become a master newsjacker

‘Going viral’ is the Holy Grail for all modern-day marketers, but actually achieving the widespread sharing of your content is much more easily said than done. Enter newsjacking – a technique marketers use to piggyback on a developing trend by publishing related content to capitalise on a rush of interest in the topic. Here are eight way you can become better at newsjacking.   1. Monitor To be an effective newsjacker, you need to monitor the... continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 14-20 November, 2015

The coordinated terrorist attacks in various locations in Paris last Friday night (Saturday morning Australian time) that killed over 130 people, totally dominated all media this week. ISIS were quick to claim credit for the attacks, while condemnation came from world leaders gathering for the G20 summit in Istanbul, which was completely overtaken by the Paris attacks, discussion of security measures and the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.... continue reading

Why tracking media coverage is more important than ever

In today’s busy world, information is transmitted throughout a variety of online and offline channels. Newspapers, magazines, blogs and social media are just a small selection of outlets by which news spreads at a rapid pace. The importance of comprehensive coverage tracking and proving ROI is more essential now than ever before due to an increase in communications professionals and the tools at their disposal. Here, we outline the reasons why... continue reading

Crikey Political Index 12 -18 November 2015: Paris attacks dominate news as PM heads to the APEC summit

Any talk of tax reform retreated into the shadows following the Paris terrorist attacks, with PM Malcolm Turnbull already in Berlin on the tragic Friday 13 for the G20 and signing a treaty with Germany to deal with double taxation. Turnbull moved onto the APEC summit in the Philippines, yesterday meeting US President Barack Obama and reportedly agreeing that troops on the ground are still not an option in Iraq and Syria. Turnbull of course... continue reading

Five things to consider before putting together a social media campaign

When it comes to creating a successful social media campaign, there are some important dos and don'ts to keep in mind. The Call of Duty twitter campaign that took place in Singapore is a prime example of an idea that didn't quite work out the way they expected it to. Faking reports of a terrorist attack was distasteful and quite disturbing. Here are five things to consider before putting together a social media campaign, to ensure it’s... continue reading

Australian Federal Issues Report: 07 - 13 November 2015

The latest Weekly Political Report is now available to download. If you are interested in commissioning any media analysis work, or would like to know more about our analysis products, please contact us. continue reading

Social media has decided: Q&A is about the issues, The Verdict is about Mark Latham

With Channel 9’s The Verdict heading into its sixth episode and boasting it makes headlines “week after week” on its Facebook page, Isentia analysis shows this isn’t really the case.  In the three days surrounding its last episode, its hashtag and handle was mentioned 3,410 times across social media. A drop in the ocean compared with ABC’s Q&A, which was mentioned over 15,000 times in its corresponding timeframe last week. And in further bad... continue reading

Top five issues in the Australian media: 7-13 November, 2015

An asylum seeker was found dead on Christmas Island after he escaped from the Australian-run detention centre on Saturday morning. Riots followed the Iranian’s death, with Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirming the damage bill to be over $10 million. Seven detainees believed to be involved have been moved to a Perth prison facility, including five New Zealanders, one Tongan and one Afghan. Meanwhile, 14 asylum seekers, including seven... continue reading

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